Disciple Part 1:  "Discipleship"

October 24, 2021

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

Matthew 28:18-20

Bottom Line:  Every Christ-follower is called to follow Jesus and bring someone with them on                                          the journey. 

Disciple Part 2:  "Born Again"

October 31, 2021

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

John 3:1-21

Bottom Line:  Christ-followers are called to faithfully show Jesus's love and let the Holy Spirit                                   save people.

Disciple Part 3:  "Sitting at Jesus's Feet"

November 7, 2021

Speaker:  Josiah Bogue

Luke 10:38-42
Bottom Line:  Jesus didn't cause your pain... but He sees you in it.

Disciple Part 4:  "Take Up Your Cross"

November 14, 2021

Speaker:  Charles Olminsky

Matthew 16:24-27
Bottom Line:  True life is found in losing your own.

Disciple Part 5:  "Bear Fruit"

November 21, 2021

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

John 15:1-17
Bottom Line:  Be the branch and love each other as Jesus loved you.